Decadent Writings of Aubrey Beardsley
Edited by Sasha Dovzhyk and Simon Wilson

This edition of Aubrey Beardsley’s writings aims to establish Beardsley’s reputation as a key figure in Decadent literature on a par with his iconic status in the visual arts. It publishes for the first time the text of Beardsley’s unfinished erotic novel Under the Hill (written between 1894 and 1896) in its original form alongside Beardsley’s manuscript. The extensive scholarly annotations reveal the breadth of Beardsley’s literary references, which range from medieval romance to French erotic slang. By way of introducing the readers to other forms of his writing, the volume also reproduces and annotates a selection of Beardsley’s poems and essayistic prose.

Decadent Writings of Aubrey Beardsley, ed. by Sasha Dovzhyk and Simon Wilson (MHRA, 2021)


The book is out in the Jewelled Tortoise series of Modern Humanties Research Association. To order the edition from the publisher’s website, click here.