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Membership options

The Society offers a discounted membership option (£5) to students and early career researchers who have not yet held permanent academic posts. The membership entitles students and scholars at the start of their careers to participate in the competition for the Emerging Beardsley Scholar Prize.

The first 100 members to join the Society will receive a quintessentially 2020 welcome package with some souvenirs from the cancelled conference AB 2020: Beardsley Re-Viewed. They can expect a folder and a notebook with the beautiful poster design by Hanna Strizh as well as a rose et noir tote bag, specifically crafted for the conference.

Your contribution supports our publishing platform, the AB Blog, as well as the development of our digital collection, the AB Library.

If you have any queries or suggestions, please get in touch with the Society’s Director Sasha (Olexandra) Dovzhyk at

AB 2020: The Aubrey Beardsley Society membership card