Thank you for your interest in supporting AB 2020: The Aubrey Beardsley Society. 

Your contribution supports our publishing platform, the AB Blog, as well as the development of our digital collection, the AB Library.

  • Regular membership aka ‘Mentor’ is £50. It alludes to the ‘Dear Mentor’ Marc-André Raffalovich as he features in Beardsley’s letters. The names of the ‘Mentors’ will be published on this page.
  • Discounted membership aka ‘Disciple’ is £10. It is open to students and early-career researchers who have not yet held permanent academic posts. It entitles scholars at the start of their careers to participate in the competition for the Emerging Beardsley Scholar Prize.
  • The first 100 members to join the Society will receive a quintessentially 2020 welcome package with some souvenirs from the cancelled conference AB 2020: Beardsley Re-Viewed (they can expect a folder and a notebook with the beautiful poster design by Hanna Strizh as well as a rose et noir tote bag which was crafted specifically for the conference). As of August 2021, ten packages are still available.
  • 20 miniature posters representing the title designs of the Keynote Series are added to the welcome package courtesy of Thomas G. Boss Fine Books.
  • All members also receive exclusive gifts and keepsakes such as ABirthday postcards and bookmarks.


Members of AB 2020: The Aubrey Beardsley Society are entitled to purchase a new book by Simon Wilson, From Greek Youth to Flying Demon Angel: Jacob Epstein’s Studies for the Tomb of Oscar Wilde (London: Sign of Nine, 2020). The price is £10 with complimentary postage.


If you have any queries or suggestions, please get in touch with Sasha Dovzhyk (

AB 2020: The Aubrey Beardsley Society: Membership card. Designed by Hanna Strizh, 2020.


The ‘Mentors’ of the Aubrey Beardsley Society include:

Barbara Bennett

Kevin Cann

Nicola Darwood

Mariusz Doering

Robert Earl

Caroline ffrench-Hodges

Audrey Wagtberg Hansen

Karolina Kallee

Ruth Koffman

Kevin Cordes

Lorraine Janzen Kooistra

Mark Samuels Lasner

Alexia Lazou

Kristin Mahoney

Michael Seeney

Samuel Shaw

Brian J. Showers

Margaret Stetz

Darcy Sullivan

Emma Sutton

Ana Parejo Vadillo

… and others who have chosen to remain anonymous.